Earnhardt Jr. on dating

Earnhardt Jr. on dating: ‘I’m not real easy to get along with’.

Earnhardt Jr. on datingDale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t the winningest driver in NASCAR, but he’s certainly one of the most loved.
In fact, race have fans voted Earnhardt Jr. as the most popular driver in NASCAR 11 years in a row.
Earnhardt is a Washington Redskins fan who actually grew up wanting to be like his hero Art Monk.
But it soon became clear he wasn’t big enough to play football and, with dad leading the way, he forged his own path into racing.  Earnhardt currently drives for Concord-based Hendrick Motorsports and is the owner of his own Nationwide team.
“Being the owner of a team is an easy way to spend all your money,” Earnhardt laughed.  “I don’t look at owning race teams as a viable way to make it financially in the future.  I’m driving cars to make my living and that will probably be how I make my living.  I don’t really have a plan B.”
It doesn’t look like Earnhardt needs a plan B.  He has a solid career in racing and business deals outside of the sport.
Some might say the only thing missing is a family.  Look at Earnhardt’s cell phone and you’ll see he calls his sister the most.
“And my girlfriend,” Earnhardt said.
Yes, Earnhardt has a girlfriend.  Earnhardt and girlfriend, Amy Reimann, were photographed at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week Awards Ceremony at Wynn Las Vegas on December 2, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Reimann also was photographed with Earnhardt at an event on the South Lawn, April 17, 2012 at the White House in Washington, DC. President Obama hosted the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Tony Stewart to honor his championship season.
When asked if it was easier or harder to date because of who he is, Earnhardt responded saying it’s harder.
“I’m not the average male and I don’t live the typical lifestyle of the guy down the street,” Earnhardt said.  “It’s a real challenge trying to be in a relationship with someone like me and I’m not real easy to get along with.”


lifeI think it’s easier to describe the qualities that we DON’T want instead of the ones we do.

1) Nagging. Women seem to think that their superior nagging skills are an asset. Nothing could be further from the truth.

2) Grudges. Holding a grudge against anyone who has done you wrong since elementary school is a major turn-off. Why do women do this?

3) Romanticizing your 20s. Come on, ladies. Just move on with life.

4) Engaging in sibling rivalries. I’ve never understood why my girlfriends constantly talk about their sisters and then refuse to appear in the same place with them.

5) Living paycheck to paycheck. This is a red flag to most guys.

6) Buying clothes from the junior section. You just look silly wearing teenager clothes.

7) Being too spontaneous. Being spontaneous is OK, but NOT during college football season when we men seldom leave the sofa.

Weddings. Is it really necessary to drag your man to a wedding every other Saturday? I mean some of these people you haven’t seen in 10 years. Just send a card.

9) Talking about work ALL THE TIME. I once had a girlfriend who worked only 4 hours a day, but she spent the next 5 hours talking about her work day. Leave work at work.

10) Arguing endlessly with people who do a task differently than how you do it. This is probably every man’s nightmare. We men don’t really care how something gets done as long as it gets done. I once had a girlfriend who didn’t like the way I loaded up the washing machine because I poured in the laundry detergent first and then put the clothes in the machine. She did it it the opposite way. Seriously ladies, don’t sweat the small stuff. The clothes are gonna get clean either way.


DatingDating: Top 10 traits men want?
Spend any time with a single woman and you will know that we tend to be in the dark about what most men want. We think we know then we happen to spot a great guy who has a mean, wildebeast of a wife or girlfriend, and we get perplexed all over again!
If single women were to ask any random guy: What are the most important traits you feel a woman should have to get your attention, love, commitment? What does your ideal relationship look like? I know I would be fascinated by the varied responses, which would probably tell you a lot about them.
For the record, I am not saying women should conform to some prototype of a perfect female creature, mind you. I just believe that we think we know what men want, but a lot of times we would be surprised to know the truth.
Aside from the typical things like butt-to-waist ratio, breast cup size, and bedroom skills, I believe that men have a clear idea of who they think would make a good match for them.
Let’s do an experiment. Ladies, list the traits you have long believed men want/desire in a mate. Guys, you chime in and let them know how spot on the responses are and which ones miss the mark.
Perhaps a little information sharing could benefit our dating experiences? We can only hope!
Happy Friday!
By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog.