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Dating expert has flirting tips as summer begins.

In the national sport of flirting, some people are All-Stars and others warm the bench!
Since summer is the sexiest time of the year, when people are feeling fun and flirty, relationship and dating expert Rachel DeAlto has tips to help you get your summer lovin’ game on.
It’s as easy as chilling out, “take it down a notch, smile and put that fun face on, and it changes the entire persona,” she says.
Flirting comes easy to some with a smile and wink, but it’s all about making a connection, DeAlto says.
“Letting someone know you’re interested in them is all about focusing on them for a couple of seconds,” she says.
Three seconds, to be exact. Longer than that and it’s a stare and can be a bit too much, DeAlto says. Turn away too quickly, and your “checking out look” can be mistaken for a quick glance.
If you’re looking to do some flirting out on the town, bring along a wingman – or a wingwoman.
“They’re the best asset to any single person who’s on the shy side, so if you feel like you’re not up to approaching or starting a conversation, get your most fun and flirty single friend – not attached – to go out with you and just make sure they understand the rules,” DeAlto says.
So what are those rules? If you’re flying with your girl or guy looking to help them find love, know that it’s all about them, and not about you.
And look to swoop in and save your friend from a conversation they might be having with someone who you know probably isn’t their type, DeAlto advises.