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Dating sites are not the only ones facing scrutiny. Online gaming, Facebook and similar social networking sites are also being called to increase the security and safety of their sites with similar measures. The desire to protect members from the risk of violent crimeis understandable. But using the sexual offender registry may cast too broad a net. This registry includes many offenses that would not hinder a dating pool or result in much concern about children joining a gaming session, like public urination or consensual sex with a minor girlfriend when the offender was 16 and the girlfriend 15. In addition, civil rights advocates are against use of the registry. The groups argue many of these measures unduly violate the rights of those found guilty of committing sex crimes. Debate Over Banning Sex Offenders From Using Websites Advocates for restricting access to social networking, virtual gaming and online dating sites for registered sex offenders paint a grim picture. They speculate that children are at risk for developing online relationships with convicted child molester by playing Xbox Live or forming Facebook friendships. Although the need to protect children is understandable, simply banning sex offenders from social media sites is a simplistic, flawed attempt to solve a more complex problem. The truth is, children are far more likely to be abused by a family member or other acquaintance than by a stranger met online. To be sure, it may still be wise to provide some level of protection against those with a history of abusing the Internet. Instead of implementing this broadly sweeping piece of legislation, though, it may be more effective to apply Internet restrictions on an individual basis, reviewing each case and taking into consideration past abuses of Internet resources. Legislation tailored in this manner would continue to encourage those without a history of abuse using the Internet to continue to use it for support groups and job searches.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts offers to babysit for Brangelina.

Julia Roberts has offered to babysit for newly engaged couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a wedding present.

The actress has starred alongside Pitt in two films, ‘The Mexican’, and ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ was happy to hear the news of his engagement to his partner of seven years Jolie, and has even offered to look after the six children they raise – Maddox, 10, Pax, nine, Zahara, seven, Shiloh, five and three-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – if they needed some quiet time.

“Oh yes, it’s exciting news. It’s always nice when you’re ready to hitch your wagon for eternity to somebody,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling E! news.

On being asked about the gift she’d choose for the wedding, she revealed that she would babysit for them.

“That’s a ways down the road, but it’s starting to be, now that people are starting to ask me and put pressure on me, so – babysitting. Yeah, that’s good,” she added.