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Jenny McCarthy Reveals Her Dating Tips For Single Moms.

The single mom has a 6 month rule and she gave HollywoodLife.com exclusive details and advice — find out here!

Jenny McCarthy juggles work, dating and mommy time with her 9-year-old son, Evan Joseph Asher, but she said it’s “really hard.” It takes a lot of flying around and a lot of time management — that’s why she needs to break it up!

It took the 39-year-old actress “a while” to feel comfortable about being single after feeling alone and needing to be with somebody. She realized she couldn’t “cuddle with Evan until he is like 14.”

“I got to the place where I was, ‘I don’t really need anybody in my life.’ I am happy with myself,” she told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at NBC’s press day in Los Angeles April 18. “I have said it in my other book that I don’t need to have a lover to have love in my life. But, then I finally got to that place and it worked out.”

She told us it’s hard being in the business with a kid, but when she is fitting in time to go on dates, she has a “6-month rule.”

“I don’t introduce my son to anybody unless I have dated them for 6 months,” she added. “So since I have been divorced, Evan has met two guys and that was in the past 10 years.”

When she wasn’t spilling details about her dating life, she said her everyday look is “mom like” and “not pretty” — but that’s hard for us to believe!

It’s like really comfortable shoe support because my arches are falling and my hips are out so they are not pretty gym shoes,” she admitted. “And, like baggy sweatpants and a T-shirt with a zip-up sweater. That’s it. It’s nothing great.”

We think she looks great in whatever she wears!

Another shocking tidbit she dished — when she was pregnant, she weighed 211 pounds!

“I was, like, telling people because nobody believed me,” she said. “So I do know what it’s like to lose 80 pounds. It’s now a matter of freaking working out, which sucks! I shoot myself in the head.”