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DatingDating: Top 10 traits men want?
Spend any time with a single woman and you will know that we tend to be in the dark about what most men want. We think we know then we happen to spot a great guy who has a mean, wildebeast of a wife or girlfriend, and we get perplexed all over again!
If single women were to ask any random guy: What are the most important traits you feel a woman should have to get your attention, love, commitment? What does your ideal relationship look like? I know I would be fascinated by the varied responses, which would probably tell you a lot about them.
For the record, I am not saying women should conform to some prototype of a perfect female creature, mind you. I just believe that we think we know what men want, but a lot of times we would be surprised to know the truth.
Aside from the typical things like butt-to-waist ratio, breast cup size, and bedroom skills, I believe that men have a clear idea of who they think would make a good match for them.
Let’s do an experiment. Ladies, list the traits you have long believed men want/desire in a mate. Guys, you chime in and let them know how spot on the responses are and which ones miss the mark.
Perhaps a little information sharing could benefit our dating experiences? We can only hope!
Happy Friday!
By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog.